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Fleur Miller

Hi I'm Fleur and I live in Auckland with my husband. I started Go Natural Daily in June 2018, as like you, over the years I have become more and more interested in wanting to know what ingredients were in my skin care products that I used daily, and what benefit they had.

Everything we put on our skin gets absorbed, so it's important to me to go as natural as possible to minimize any adverse effects that chemicals may have.

I am very environmentally conscious, so the packaging of Go Natural Daily's   products are all recyclable. The ingredients are all sourced from reliable, organic New Zealand suppliers.

              Olive Oil - Honey Soap  Coconut Oil - Handcrafted soaps          

Handmade soaps are the first product to start with, made using the cold process method; using natural oils, butters and essential oils.

Curing soap - Lavender with Shea Butter soap

I've had wonderful feedback from customers about how they love the creamy, moisturising and gentle effects of natural soaps on their skin. They don't strip the oils out of your skin like synthetic-made soaps. Great for sensitive, dry skin. I even have some customers who have used their soap as a shampoo and loved the results!

More every day skin and hair products are being added very soon.

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